RED research survey

UPDATE 27.12.12: The RED research survey is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

As part of a research project that focuses on the Reading Experience Database (RED), you are invited to participate in a brief online survey that aims to:

  • Understand the needs and objectives of current and potential World-RED contributors
  • Discover how effectively the UK-RED contribution form supports rich data collection and volunteer participation
  • Identify some alternative approaches to interface design that might better support rich data collection and volunteer participation.

The survey is strictly anonymous and will take approximately five minutes to complete. Even if you have never contributed to the UK-RED you are welcome to participate. Your time is appreciated.

Please take the survey here:

About the RED

The RED project invites volunteers to identify instances of reading in diaries, letters, biographies and memoirs, from private collections, libraries and archives, and contribute their discoveries to the online database. Collecting data about what, where, when and how people read will enable patterns to emerge, and new research questions about the history of reading to be explored.

About me

My name is Donelle McKinley. I am a Master of Information Studies student at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and a member of the Wai-te-ata Press research team. Wai-te-ata Press is one of four international partners collaborating on the World-RED with the Open University. As part of my degree, I am undertaking a research project that focuses on the interface used by RED contributors to create records.

Benefits of the study

As well as directly contributing to the development of the NZ-RED, this study will benefit the UK-RED project team, who are interested in enhancing the RED, and World-RED project partners, who are in the early stages of development. The study will also contribute to the strategic planning, development and evaluation of other academic and cultural heritage projects involving volunteers.

Survey participation

This project has been granted ethical approval by the Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee. Your participation implies that you consent for me to use your responses in the research project. Any personal information will be collected for statistical reasons only and no identities will be associated with any responses. The collected data will be stored in a password-protected file for the duration of this study.

Research report

In February 2013 the research report will be submitted for marking to Victoria University of Wellington and deposited in the University Library, after which it will become available electronically. I also intend to publish articles based on the data in scholarly journals. A summary of the research findings will be made available here on the NZ-RED research blog in March 2013. The collected data will be destroyed two years after the conclusion of the research.

Should you require further details regarding this project, please contact me: or research supervisor Dr Sydney Shep

Please take the survey here:

Thank you for your time,


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