The evidence for reading is often hidden, scattered and fragmentary (Eliot); collecting these ‘fragments’ in an open access database will enable new research questions about the history of reading to be explored.

The New Zealand Reading Experience Database (NZ-RED) will collect reading experiences of New Zealanders from the nineteenth century to the present day, initially focusing on reading in WW1. We will be inviting the public to identify instances of reading in diaries, letters, autobiographies, and memoirs, and contribute their discoveries to the online database currently in development.

The project is driven by Wai-te-ata Press, Victoria University of Wellington – one of four international partners collaborating on the History of Reading with the Open University, UK International Digital Networks Initiative. VUW is joined by Griffith University (Brisbane Australia), University of Utrecht, (Netherlands), and Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada). The NZ-RED Research Team is supported by VUW’s Reading Research Cluster.

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